Artist Statement

Martin Steinbock artist statement

While most leatherwork is mechanized, I have chosen traditional hand-craft methods to create more individualized pieces. This approach frees me to experiment, especially with shapes. When working with leather, handcrafted produces the highest quality, not only because of the tactile nature of the medium: leather is responsive to the touch.

photo of Martin Steinbock

My leatherwork is original in design and each piece is hand-cut, dyed, finished and hand stitched. The leather is carefully selected and hand oiled to insure durability of the finish. Briefcases feature polished stone inlay set in traditional brainwork. My geometric bags feature snakeskin accents in a variety of colors.


Best of Show: Salem Art Festival, 2004 (Salem, OR)

Best of Show in the Leather category at:

Tempe Festival of the Arts, AZ (1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999)
Main Street Arts Fair in Fort Worth, TX (1995)
Scottsdale Art Festival, AZ (1995)
Fourth Avenue Art Fair, Tucson, AZ (1992, 1993)

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Phone - (541) 935-4234
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