Belts and Buckles

Belt and buckle collage

Handmade Custom Belts and Buckles

Custom-fit belt straps available in 4 widths, 6 plain colors and a selection of two-tone carved designs. Choose from a range of color, design, and width with the length custom fit to your size.

You can order just a belt strap to be fitted with a buckle you own, or choose a buckle from our collection of handmade and quality manufactured buckles. Select any buckle group to the right for more details. A belt strap without a buckle can be ordered from the left.

These are one piece, 100% solid leather belts. Hand-cut from 7 1/2 oz. single cowhide bends; each strap is individually hand-oiled, hand-dyed and antiqued to enrich the color. Lexol is applied as a moisturizer and then liquid wax for a fine finish. These steps result in making your belt more supple and will add longer life than factory dyed leathers.